One Year In

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One Year In

On January 18 of 2018, The Crossed Connection Laser Company was officially established. To say that the year has been hard at points would definitely be an understatement.  This year has for sure had its ups and downs, but most importantly, it has taught me a lot about business in general.  What follows is a look back at some of the moments in the past year, as well as things I have learned from it.

What Exactly Was I Thinking?

This exact phrase runs through my head at least once a week when I am dealing with things pertaining to my business.  Why did I think this was a good idea?  Will I ever have constant work? I have talked with some other small business owners, and I realize I am not alone with this thinking.  Doubt in the beginning of a business can be traced back to one thing. Instant Gratification. In our culture, instant gratification has become the standard.  When we want something, we want it right now.  We want the success right now. We want the money right now.  We have become so conditioned to this to the point that we almost don’t know how to deal with the reality of waiting!  

Starting a business is the complete opposite of this way of thinking.  When I walked through the airport on the way to Washington after Trae was shot and killed, I distinctly remember thinking, “None of these people know. None of them care.” Harsh though this may sound, it was reality.  None of those people in that airport had a vested interest in Trae.  All of them had their own problems, it wasn’t the same problem that my family had.  The beginning of a small business is exactly like this.  Nobody knows about you.  When nobody knows about you, you won’t sell things. Simple as that!  

Starting a business is a long term investment.  This is perhaps the most important thing I have learned, as well as being a constant reminder to myself!  What I do today will bear fruit a month, or even a year from now.  It is not something that can happen overnight, nor will it.  It is imperative to get your business name out to your target market.  This also will not happen overnight. Just like most good things, it takes time!

The Highlights of Custom Laser Engraving

While I enjoy everything I do, there are some moments in the past year that stick out more than others!  Some of the more exciting things have happened recently, but starting the business was also one of those “wow” moments.  Just being able to invest your time fully into something that is yours is amazing!  

One of my absolute favorite parts is creating an item for someone, and then seeing the joy on their face once they see it!  To see that your work was not wasted, but rather appreciated is a feeling that will never get old!  

I have also had the opportunity to work on items from wedding ring boxes to baseball bats.  From knives to cutting boards. From custom trophies to memorial plaques. Due to my lasers being able to engrave on anything, I have been able to see the unique opportunity that I have to make something special for everyone!  

The Future

My next few months will be spent doing the work that comes in, but more importantly, building for the future.  I am constantly searching for new things that I can engrave as well as ways to get my name out there to show people what I can do! I will spend time with my family, as well as still working at Oyler Electric until I can do this full time!

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