Engraved Fenix E16 Mini Flashlight

Engravable Fenix Flashlights

High Performance in a Small Size. The perfect EDC flashlight!


Using a rechargeable 700mah battery, the Fenix E16 flashlight outputs 700 lumens up to a distance of 465 feet. With a durable body of high strength aluminum, it is IP68 rated at 6.5 feet underwater for 30 minutes. It also features a lockout mode, a two way body clip, and a magnetic base for hand's free use! In an emergency, the E16 can also be powered by a CR123A battery that outputs 300 lumens. Name or Initials Engraving available.

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  • Neutral White LED rated at 50,000 hours.
  • 4 output levels : 3 lumens/70 hours, 30 lumens/12 hours, 150 lumens/2 hours, 700 lumens/1 hours
  • Digitally Regulated output steps down output as battery drains
  • Two-way body clip is perfect to attach to hats
  • Magnetic Base
  • Lockout function prevents accidental activation
  • IP68 Rated
  • Battery Not Included
  • 2" long with a diameter of .83"



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