The Crossed Connection Story.

Creation of the Business
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A few years ago, my brother Trae and I talked of starting a business of some kind. Neither of us totally enjoyed the family electrical business, and wanted to find something that we could totally enjoy.  
We never really pursued much past this point, as life was busy in many other areas as well.  Fast forward to October 26, 2016. My brother is in Washington state attending a Bible school.  Returning to the campus in a car that night, he is shot and killed.  My family was forever changed.


Loss does different things to different people. For me, it made me think about my life. We are each given one life to live, and what we choose in life defines who we are.  What was I doing with my life?  Was I enjoying the one life that was given to me?  

These were hard questions for me to answer, and answers did not come quick.  At the time of his death, my brother was writing a weekly blogthat recounted his life. He wrote about what he was learning about life and God, and quite often, his post would end with a statement. "Get up and Go!" Around the one year anniversary of his death, I realized that to accomplish a dream, one has to pursue it. It was time to decide if I truly wanted to pursue this.  

My wife and I chose to explore the option of purchasing a laser engraver.  It has been something that I had previously looked at, and it was very intriguing to me. The materials that could be engraved included wood, acrylics, glass, metals, and leather, to name a few.  We then talked about it, and committed to purchase near the end of November, 2017.


The Epilog laser arrived near the end of December, and was set up and able to operate the first week of January.  Living in the reality that I am able to do something with complete passion, I am excited to be able to serve local people and make connections with many different groups of people!

As the laser is able to engrave on almost anything, I am also excited to try new materials, and most importantly, to create items that will create or sustain memories for a lifetime! I truly believe that any idea can be made into a reality! Let's make those ideas into a reality today!


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